Peter Stockwell-Jones – Wessex Aloe

Feel good and look great with naturally produced Aloe Vera products from the world’s No. 1 producer, Forever. These include: –

  • Aloe drinks to aid digestion, nutrient absorption and support your immune system.
  • Natural supplements give powerful nutrition for good health.
  • Unique F.I.T. weight management programme.
  • Skincare products that soothe, revitalise & protect.
  • Personal care products with amazing benefits to hair, skin & body.
  • Luxury skincare & cosmetics for beautiful, radiant soft skin.
  • Bee honey, pollen, propolis & royal jelly – more of Nature’s gifts.

For advice and further information, please either: –

  1. Call Peter on 07947 685785 or
  2. Email
  3. Visit the online shop at

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