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While we all insure our cars, our homes and even our mobile phones – have you thought about protecting your future and insuring your health? Private Medical Insurance offers the peace of mind that if you or a family member were to fall ill then you could skip the waiting lists and get treatment in a private hospital, with the insurer picking up the costs. *

At The Worth Partnership, we offer bespoke, independent, and whole-of-market advice on all aspects of private medical insurance for both individuals and businesses. Having worked in the industry since 2007, I have extensive knowledge of this complex and ever-changing market and will provide a professional yet personalised service.

So, whether you’d like to find out more about Private Medical Insurance – or you have a policy already and would appreciate a review to ensure you’re getting the best value and making the most of what your insurer offers – then please get in touch using the details below.

For a free, no-obligation conversation contact:

Rob Worth, Health Insurance Specialist
Tel: 07958 344488

*Some medical and pre-existing conditions may be excluded.

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