Richard Milton – e-nexus

We are a Bournemouth based consultancy specialising in Strategic Marketing Planning & Performance Measurement.

Our purpose is very simple:  To inspire and nurture businesses to flourish and thrive by truly satisfying their customers’ needs.  Headed up by our Founder and Managing Director Richard Milton, we have a wealth of national and international experience supporting business owners, managers and marketers to deliver effective marketing for their organisations.

We offer a range of services from strategic marketing planning and performance measurement audits to marketing platform audits, innovation workshops and specialist training focusing on some of the latest technologies available to marketers.

Furthermore we can draw upon our team of creatives to take the insights learnt from our other services and turn them into reality.  Whether it is through design, digital, social media or SEO, we can help you craft the brief and deliver the solution for your marketing needs.

Our ultimate goal is to help you get the most from your marketing.  We want to help you understand your customers and markets. Be confident that your marketing resonates with your target audience and help you demonstrate the contribution marketing makes to your business. 

For more information please contact Richard Milton:

Tel: 07535 612652


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