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Even Keel Solutions Limited is a firm of Insolvency Practitioners. We help directors of limited companies, who have issues with creditors.   Whilst the director goes through the process, we will be with them every step of the way and ensuring that they understand it.  We understand that this is a traumatic time, but often there is a phoenix that rises from the ashes of the company for the director.

When a company has ceased to trade and there are funds still left in the shareholders account, then a solvent liquidation maybe required.  This is where there is more than £25,000 in the account.  If these funds are taken out in one lump sum, then HM Revenue and Customs require that a liquidator has to be involved. Discussions will be held with the directors, shareholders, the Company’s accountant and tax advisor, to ensure this is the correct way forward for the shareholders.

Personal insolvency is also carried out by Even Keel Solutions Limited.  This relates to bankruptcy and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA’s).  Both are stressful for the individual and we will, again, work with them to guide them through the process.  The main area for concern, will be the family home.  This could be threatened in a bankruptcy, but may be saved in an IVA.  With our years of experience, we have knowledge of what will work for the individual so they may come out the other side without the burden of debt holding the individual back.

For more information please contact Dorothy.

Tel: 01202 237337

Mobile number: 07920 182242


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