Utility Warehouse Latest News

Our teams have been working on the UW App and we’ve just launched a great new feature so our customers can see just how much they’re saving!

You’ll see:

Every penny you’ve saved using your Cashback Card

Your biggest savings split monthly

How much you’ve saved – on average – over 3, 6 and 12 months

See the retailers you’ve earnt the most cashback from

Updates on our newest cashback Partners

Assuming you are a UW customer make sure you download the app. We’d love to see your savings. Why not share them on social media? It’s a great way of getting Referal’s and getting lots of £50’s off your bills ❤

If you’re not a UW customer but want to have a % of all of your shipping coming off your energy bills then you know where I am 😀 (Gail Bannister)

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