Fancy a New Challenge?

Have you ever thought about running your own business? 🤔

Most people think about it but very few actually do it. 😵‍💫

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset right from a young age when the bubblegum machine outside our local shop malfunctioned. I put my 1p in and turned the knob and it just kept turning. I filled my pockets with the contents of the machine and took them to school the next day where I sold them for 2p each 😂.

At 21 I spent ages trying to set up a babysitting agency so that I didn’t just get paid on my own efforts I got paid on many peoples efforts. Unfortunately the red tape and hurdles I needed to jump through to do this properly aborted my plans. 😢

Shortly after this I set up Skate Away. I had the idea in the morning and by the evening I had a company name and an account set up with Shiners in Bristol to buy my first load of roller skates 🛼 and accessories from. I ran this business for many years having my skates in two shops and six roller discos. Unfortunately, although we had some great fun, in reality it turned my passion for rollerskating into hard work and very little financial reward.

So what to do next? 🤔. It’s difficult isn’t it trying to find a product or service that enough people need, where you can offer a unique service at a competitive price?

Imagine finding a service that everybody needed and had to pay out for even in a recession 🤔.

Imagine being able to sell the service once and then people just carry on using it so that you get paid on it every month without having to resell it 🤔.

Imagine being the cheapest and the best with award winning customer service 🤔.

Imagine having a whole company full of staff but not having the headache of having to employ them yourself 🤔 No Hiring, firing, pensions, sick pay, maternity pay to sort out 🤔. Imagine not only having staff to manage customer services, finance, HR, marketing etc but having a sales team of individuals that are self employed and getting paid on their efforts as well as your own each month 🤔 😊

Imagine if this company had won award after award for 15 years in the Which Magazine 😀 wow all this would make it so easy to recommend wouldn’t it? 😊.

NOW STOP IMAGINING. It’s actually here 😊. I found this company 19 years ago and have never looked back. I’m just as excited about it now as I was then and I’m still getting paid on the work I did 19 years ago too. 😊😊

Can you imagine if you too could join and have your own business for £10? 🤔.

If you can then why not stop imagining and just do it ?
Click on the website below and sign up. It only takes 3 minutes and I’ll give you all the help and support you need to grow your own successful business too.

Alternatively you could just carry on imagining 🤔. What have you got to loose ?

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